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Wedding Video Success Tips
Posted on May 4th, 2020

Here are some elements to consider for a successful wedding video: 

1. Hire A Planner - probably the most difficult task on your wedding day is to let go and enjoy your day. You’ve dreamt about this day for so long, and now you’ve brought the dream to life with hours and hours of planning. Enjoying your wedding day, your guests, and some closeness with your partner are vital to a successful wedding video. Trust that all of the planning has been figured out every which way. There are professional vendors and a planner who are there to ensure that things run smoothly, and everyone wants  you to enjoy yourself and love your day.  When a bride is preoccupied with taking care of small elements, worrying about guests or details.. it shows on camera and takes away from this amazing day that has been in the works for so long

2. Details & Decor
- The details of your wedding help create the tone and color pallet for your wedding video. Things like invites, announcements, gift bags, flowers, shoes, jewelry, special gifts, vows, notes, the more we can capture, the better. We typically capture these details first, along side the photographer. There are many talented decor teams in Key West that create magical backdrops for your ceremony and reception.

3. Music 
- It’s not only important for your reception! Send over all of the songs you plan on using for all aspects of your wedding. Music sets the feel and tempo for the video edits. We typcially do not set up the final music for your wedding until after we shoot the wedding. During the day, we can get a better feel for your personality and the overall vibe of the event… afterwards we take your notes and thoughts and choose music accordingly.

4. Technical Aspects -  Make sure your officiant is amplified. For an outdoor wedding, it is often hard for guests to hear officiants if they are not amplified. We always have a lavaliere microphone on the officiant , but that is audio for the video cameras and will not amplify their voice. Make sure your guests can hear well, so they are more a part of your ceremony.

5. Unplugged Ceremonies - Encourage your guests to be present during this sacred moment in your lives. You can have a custom sign in the ceremony area or even better, have your officiant make an anncouncement just before the processional to please keep cell phones and cameras off and tucked away for the ceremony. It not only keeps them engaged in the moment, it helps your photo and video team too. There’s nothing worse than a camera phone sticking out  into the aisles and often up into the air, blocking our line of site and getting in the way of that perfect shot!

6. Communicate -  
If you have specific expectations or wants, definitely communicate those with us… and any of your vendors. We love to see other perspectives and ideas in the wedding film business. There are different styles from other regions and countries.
We love challenges and to make something unique for you and your vision.  We can take ideas from other weddings and then tailer them to your specific event. show us what inspires you!

7. Soak It Up! - Enjoy yourself and take it all in. So many couples say that the day goes by so fast. Often that they don’t get to even see everything and all the details they have planned. A wedding video allows you to see and hear all of the events, areas and people that you love and have come to your wedding.

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